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Signature Massage Therapy Treatment Service Menu   *Direct billing available to most insurance companies*

             30 min  / $75 (seniors 65+ and students under 12 $67.50)

             45 min / $90 (seniors 65+ and students under 12 $81)

             60 min / $110 (seniors 65+ and students under 12 $99)

             75 min / $135

             90 min / $150

             120 min / $220

             60 min prenatal / $110


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Specialty Treatment Options

Meditation Massage - 90 mins $175
If you feel that reaching a fully relaxed state during your massage is a challenge for you, meditation massage is a great choice!
Or maybe you are just ready to try something a little different.

Combining hands-on  massage therapy, CranioSacral techniques and deep healing sound wave frequencies to provide a greater level of internal healing and restoration, which will reflect in ALL areas of your life. Giving you a healthier sense of balance and harmony.
The body heals itself most effectively in a state of deep relaxation.

Body Break, Balance & Realignment…. you do it for your vehicle to ensure safety, stability and longevity, why not do it for your body-mind-soul!?
3 hour Single Session $325 

3 hours of ME time to include a short worksheet to help define and highlight areas to focus on, and personalized one-on-one coaching to provide tangible action steps for you to take with you to move forward in a healthier way.

Bodywork on the table; this will incorporate

- therapeutic massage, craniosacral therapy, or a combination of the two.

- hot towels

- aroma therapy

- healing sound frequencies to accompany and compliment this service beautifully

 AND no ‘me time’ sesh is complete without a little gifty-gift to take with you!

Availability is limited so booking in advance is highly recommended

**Coaching sessions currently unavailable**

Customized Massage and/or CranioSacral Therapy & BodyMindSoul Coaching - 2 hour Single Session $260

If you love meditation massage and inner work, you are in for a real treat!

In these unique sessions, I provide effective tools to facilitate the process of how to integrate small daily shifts to begin recognizing and tune into the language your body uses to communicate with you all day, every day.
How to tap into your inner wisdom and be more confident in trusting your intuition to operate from a heart-centered space. While alleviating physical pain that can oftentimes be triggered by the discord that occurs between our mind and body.

As part of this service, I formulate a customized massage and/or CranioSacral therapy treatment to accompany the coaching element. These sessions typically run right around 2 hours in total. 

**Note these sessions are primarily exclusively available to Cochrane Alberta Canada area locals and visitors, however occasionally I have been known to provide treatments while travelling to various locations
**Customized BodyMindSoul coaching/massage session program packages also available, inquire directly 
                    **Coaching sessions currently unavailable**

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