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Spiritual Connection

Getting connected with our Source/Inner Wisdom (for me is God) to me is the first step in relationship building. Its the crucial foundation that must be formed prior to anything else if 'healthy' is your desired way to live life. 


It has not always been this way for me, its been a long and sometimes exasperating road to get here, which is exactly why I want to share this component with you. I will tell you there was a time (for most of my adult life) that I was repelled by 'religion'.


To this day I can honestly say I am not for religion per se, but I AM for relationship with my Higher Power and developing/deepening that relationship daily. Its a personal connection that I do not need to explain to anyone, it just is. Its also a journey that I thrive on experiencing together with like-minded people.


Please know that the premise of my work is based on my own personal belief system and I do not thrust this upon anyone. If you resonate with me and how I operate than we will likely work well together, If you do not relate then we probably won't jam and that's absolutely ok! Mutual respect is always paramount in my circle

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