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Why Am I So Achy, Stiff and Sore All The Time?

Body to Mind Disconnect....its a thing!

When chronic/persistent/nagging pain is the issue, could embodiment really be the remedy?

You be the judge.

As a registered massage therapist, I see it all the time.

Client: I really just need you to get this knot out for me. Its a sharp stabbing pain between my shoulders, it travels up into my neck and its causing me headaches almost daily.

Me: (noticing visually her shoulders are raised up and almost fused to her ears) Sure lie down.

**60 mins later client gets up off the table**

Client: Wow I can move again. And my headache is actually gone!

**No, I am not a miracle worker, however I have been told I have magic hands once or twice haha**

Seriously though, There's something that happens when you are on that table, when you ALLOW yourself to FEEL the relief of that tension being manipulated and released from your body.

So what is this embodiment you speak of?

By definition, it is a firm representation of an idea or quality; a tangible or visible form of a thought, quality or feeling.

While its not a new concept, the ability to create an embodied experience has definitely been stifled in this day of technology overload. Being overstimulated in front of a screen for extended periods of time not only creates a body-to-mind disconnect by distracting our brain so that what our body is feeling actually gets blocked, it also eventually numbs the mind as well. The perfect storm!

Combine that storm system with the day-to-day life situations and transition periods that come up, whether it be a divorce or relationship breakdown, career change/job loss, the kids leave home, death or loss of some kind.... so many things have the ability to turn the world as we know it upside down in a heartbeat.

How does this help me right now?

Sure getting a massage feels great and it provides relief in the moment, but in all honesty oftentimes its just a band-aide to the underlying issue.

ahhhhh *insert singing angels, glowing halos and all things heavenly here*

It has become my mission, my calling, my PURPOSE to bring awareness to my clients and to support and serve in a bigger and better way than I ever could when I solely provide a single massage treatment.

If you're interested in booking a complimentary discovery call to discuss this further or maybe you're ready to hire me to work with you virtually from the comfort of your livingroom... reach out to me via the contact tab here on my website, I look forward to hearing from you!

Let me be clear, I LOVE what I do as a massage therapist, and I will likely never stop doing it... but what I can coach you on and facilitate you to do at home BETWEEN your regular massage appointments is where the real transition takes place for you.

And after all, that's my ultimate goal is to alleviate your pain, reduce stress and and get you back to doing what YOU love to do! Then you can go for your massage session and actually melt into it and enjoy on a much deeper level :-)

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”

~ May West

So how do I become more embodied?

When I think of the word 'embody' I catch myself closing my eyes for a moment and feeling a soft fluffy blanket enveloping me, surrounding me with warmth and comfort, almost like a protection from anything external. Such a serene space to operate from

I'm happy to share with you, three ways that can help get you started on your journey to embodiment:

- Movement its no secret or surprise that when you're feeling 'stuck' or stagnant, the logical thing to do is to physically get up and move. Do something! It can be exercise or a work-out if that's your thing, but if that's not your thing (I get you, its not mine either lol) it can be something as simple as changing your posture, turn up your fav song and just let the spirit move you so to speak!! How about changing the same old seat you sit in at the table or in your office, heck it can even involve rearranging the furniture! As crazy as this may sound, I've done it and it works! It creates a shift in the energy of a room allowing an altered flow to enter in. Try it....I dare you....let me know what you notice ;-)

- Awareness Example: I'm feeling anxious about the interview I have coming up tomorrow,. Simply practice asking yourself "where do I feel that in my body?" and "if this feeling/energy had a voice, what would it say to me right now?" and "how do I want to feel?" These three little questions will start to redirect focus from your head back down to your body

- Breath I know, right now you're probably thinking.... I don't have to think about breathing, it just happens! Well yes, you are absolutely correct in that it is an involuntary action, but, when you start to focus on your breath, taking deep inhales through your nose...filling your belly and chest cavity with fresh oxygen, then letting it all go with a deliberate relaxing sigh, expelling all that stale stagnant air.

It will stimulate embodiment, thus aligning you with your inner wisdom that I like to refer to as the Spirit of God, who resides in each one of us.

This is a great starting point for beginning to shift your awareness from your headspace, where lets be honest, it needs to be at times....but when its time to let go of unhealthy habits and allow yourself the time and space to FEEL what your body's brain (yes I said it lol more on this to come) wants to say via the pain you are experiencing, you will begin to reap the rewards of living a more aligned and balanced life overall.

Isn't that what you are seeking?

Isn't that what brought you here today?

If you're ready to make a change for the better....let's talk. Go back to my contact page and book your complimentary discovery call with me right now, together we can come up with a customized one-on-one program complete with action steps you can start taking immediately that are aligned with your own personal desired outcome.

Honored to support you in your journey

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